Chocola and Vanilla will set off on their journey to
you soon!


Today I'll be posting about "precautions to take during assembly" - and I
know you want to take good care of these two darlings, so please be sure to
read on! 

They turned out incredibly cute, so get ready to have some fun!


① The twin tails are attached at the very end!

I know, these are the parts you want to put on before anything else…
But please be sure to complete equip everything else - the collar, panties, skirt, chair, etc - before attaching them.

Both Chocola and Vanilla's twin tails have a very complex shape, meaning that other parts could get caught on them and become damaged, or color could

Something particularly catastrophic could happen if you tried removing her head with the twin tails attached - so please be careful.  (Before you take anything else off, be sure to remove the twin tails first!  OK!!) 


② How to put on Vanilla's skirt

First, take the back part of the skirt, and line it up with the tail, pressing gently until
it's covered.


Slide the connecting joints on Vanilla's skirt underneath her arm.

When you do that, take care not to let her tail rub against the underside of the skirt.
If they do rub together, the blue paint will transfer to her white tail… !


Now just connect the joints on her skirt and you're finished.

As Vanilla is a white cat, any color transfer will really stand out, so please -
always handle her very gently!

You could say that all white colored figures are destined to suffer color transfer.
Figures with interchangeable parts like native figures are especially prone to color
transfer, so take every precaution you can to prevent parts from rubbing together.


③ How to put on their panties (for both Chocola and Vanilla)

This time around, the panties are made from an all-new material!

To put them on, first remove both legs!


Just like real panties, you thread them on and pull them up.

These panties are made of a 2-way stretch material, so they feel just like putting on real panties. 

But if you pull too much they'll stretch out of shape, or possibly even break.  We've
included an extra pair with that in mind, but still be careful.


If by some chance a bit of color does transfer to the skin, a few light strokes
of a "Copic #0" marker will clean it right up.

You can find them many places, including Amazon.  And you can use it for all your
figures, so having one on hand is convenient.
But please be careful - accidentally swiping it on any painted portion will remove the paint.

The skin portion is the cast color (the raw color of the material without paint) with some airbrushed shadow effects (paint), so a few strokes of Copic #0 won't damage it that much.
(But get crazy on the shadow effect portion with a Copic pen and the paint will come off!) 


④ Chocola's twin tails

From her perspective, it would be the left twin tail.  Equip this twin tail so that it
goes inside the curl of her tail from the front.
Just like we went over in point ①, if you go in rough and it bumps around
everywhere it will damage or dirty the figure.  (You can see where I've accidently
done that a bit here, yes?  Don't let it happen to you...)


⑤ Vanilla's twin tails

At a glance, it's a little bit difficult to tell which one is the left and which one is the
But with the decoration facing outward, if the ends of her hair look like the image
below, you'll know that this is Vanilla's right twin tail (from her perspective).

If you mess them up and try to force them in, they could bump all over the place
and cause damage or color transfer, or even ruin the joint where they attach, so
please be careful.


⑥ How to make them hold hands

Both girls have a revolving joint in their right arm, so just turn it.
Turning this joint will make them join hands, but bend it any other way than it was
intended and the joint will break.
Just be aware that the arms revolve when you're making them join hands.

And those are all the things you should look out for when putting them together.
Wishing you all the best with these two cuties and your new "neko" life! (∩´ω`∩)

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